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Important announcement:

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Most Popular Nap:  15:10 Gwd   Quest For More   9/2
Lowest Priced Nap:  19:00 Eps   Rockley   10/11
Highest Priced Nap:  14:25 Nott   Lady Joanna Vassa   16/1
some information may be subject to odds availability

Daily Naps RACE CARD 30/07/2015

14:05 Gwd Awesome Power   8/1 Sunday Mirror - Gary Nutting
Keble   4/1 Sunday Mail - Rockavon
Racing History   SP Morning Star - Farringdon
14:25 Nott Lady Joanna Vassa   16/1 Racing Post - The North
14:35 Gwd Shalaa   11/8 Daily Post - Mercury
Shalaa   11/8 Racing Post - Newmarket
Shalaa   11/8 Daily Express - The Scout
Shalaa   11/8 Yorkshire Evening Post - Lee Sobot
Shalaa   11/8 Scottish Express - Chris Goulding
Shalaa   11/8 Daily Mirror - Newsboy
15:10 Gwd Big Orange   6/1 Sunday Telegraph - Whistler
Oriental Fox   15/2 Gloucestershire Echo - Melissa Jones
Oriental Fox   15/2 Carlisle News & Star - Phil Rostron
Quest For More   9/2 The Scotsman - Glendale
Quest For More   9/2 The Times - Rob Wright
Quest For More   9/2 The Guardian
Quest For More   9/2 Daily Mail - Robin Goodfellow
Quest For More   9/2 Irish Post - Karl Hedley
Quest For More   9/2 Daily Record - Garry Owen
Quest For More   9/2 Liverpool Echo - Chris Wright
Scotland   SP Racing Post - The Edge
Vive Ma Fille   14/1 Oldham Evening Chronicle - Keith McHugh
15:20 Str Stand To Reason   5/1 Belfast Newsletter - Wise Owl
15:45 Gwd Arabian Comet   4/1 The Sun - Templegate
Arabian Comet   4/1 Racing Post - Postdata
Kaldera   5/1 Racing Post - Spotlight
Kaldera   5/1 Racing Post - RP Ratings
Lady Dragon   8/1 Yorkshire Post - The Duke
16:20 Gwd Haggle   SP Blackpool Gazette - Steve Simpson
Notary   5/4 Sheffield Star - Fortunatus
16:55 Gwd Fast Gold   16/1 Weekender - Paul Kealy
Montsarrat   9/2 The Press, York - Ebor
17:30 Gwd Kinematic   SP Racing Post - Lambourn
17:45 Nott Alboretta   100/30 Racing and Football Outlook
Ingleby Hollow   2/1 Sunday Express - Jason Heavey
Mr Bissto   9/2 The Irish Field - Rory Delargy
18:10 Flas Lilbourne Prince   8/1 Glasgow Evening Times - Jeffrey Ross
18:25 Eps Leah Freya   3/1 Daily Telegraph - Marlborough
19:00 Eps Rockley   10/11 Western Morning News - West Tip
19:30 Eps Ruban   6/1 Daily Star Sunday - Moorestyle
20:40 Eps Guiding Light   2/1 The Star - Patrick Weaver

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